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Taidea Grinder Diamond Sharpening System

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Model: TG1812


TG1812, a professional Grinder system from Taidea Company for precise sharpening of any type of knife. The sharpener is designed to sharpen both cutting edges simultaneously. The set consists of a guide, a solid base and four diamond stones with gradations: 360# and 600# as well as 800# and 1000#, covered with a monocrystalline diamond coating.

The unique clamp of the handle is designed to avoid damage to the sharpened tools and easily holds different sizes and shapes of knives. The guide allows you to choose the sharpening angle in the range of 15° – 30°. Forcing the sharpening angle and four stones with different gradations, while maintaining full control over the sharpening process, everyone is able to sharpen the knife like a professional.

For sharpening steel knives, ceramic knives, cleavers, scissors, small workshop, gardening and carpentry tools such as chisels, axes, machetes.

Directions for use:
Fold up the base and handle, and then attach the knife. Depending on how dull the knife is, choose the appropriate stone. Set the sharpening angle appropriate for a given knife by selecting the appropriate hole in the guide. Moisten the stone and press lightly and move along the blade several times. Change the stone to another one with a higher gradation and finish the blade perfectly with the highest gradation stone.

Always clean the sharpener after each use, wipe with a damp cloth or a mild brush, and dry with a towel.
Kit Contents:
four stones with grades 360 grit, 600 grit, 800 grit, 1000 grit
handle with clamp
handle base
rigid polymer suitcase