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Kanetsune Hayashi White Steel 65mm Field Knife Leather Sheath

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Model: KB421

Made in Japan

This Kanetsune KB-421 Fixed Blade features a White Steel #2 blade with White Steel #2 handle.

This series was named after a slogan “風林火山(Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan)” which a Japanese warrior Mr.Shingen Takeda (武田信玄) put up at the time of war.

風 = wind : Attack speedy like the wind !
林 = forest : Keep quiet like a forest !
火 = fire : Invade like fire !
山 = mountain : No movement like a mountain to wait for a chance !

Kanetsune is named after a famous Japanese swordsmith who lived in the Muromachi period around the 14-15th century. This skilled craftsman made extremely sharp and durable katanas that were respected by many Samurais in Japan and overseas. Some of his swords are displayed in the Katana Museum in Seki City. Like the Kanetsune blades of old, Kanetsune knives today are made in Seki, Japan with the goal of producing high quality traditional designs that are suitable for everyday use. This is achieved by blending traditional Japanese techniques with new ideas and modern technology.

Kanetsune is a brand of Kitasho Co., Ltd., one of the most respected manufacturers of knives in Seki, Japan and established in 1964. Kanetsune continues the bladesmith legacy of Seki City with its fine cutlery.

Model: Kanetsune KB-421
Made in: Seki, Japan
Overall Length: (170mm) 6.69″ long
Blade Material: White Steel #2
Rockwell Hardness (HRC): 60-61
Blade Length: (65mm) 2.55″ long
Handle: White Steel #2