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Boker Meisterklinge Damast (Damascus)5 Piece Knife Set VG-10 German

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‘Model: 130446SET

Made in Germany

Cooking goes far beyond the preparation of food. Pure passion, spiced with a limitless variety of possibilities, creating unforgettable moments with family and friends. Cooking moves, cooking connects. A philosophy as the perfect vitamin supplier for inner balance. The premium chef’s knife series Boker Meisterklinge Damast shares this passion all along the line: sovereign in appearance, first-class hand position with balanced balance, expressive without being obtrusive and always with the individual touch, the exclusive kitchen knives guarantee the plus in enjoyment. No more dull knives: The finest Solingen Knife Craftsmanship from master hands and high-quality materials in harmony for a fantastically sharp cutting experience – every day – again and again – and thanks to the free Boker resharpening service for a lifetime. The secret of the outstanding sharpness lies in the hybrid blade, which combines the best of two worlds. The blade core is made of high-strength and durable VG-10 steel, which makes the edge exceptionally sharp – and keeps it sharp for a long time, while the protective blade sheath made of multi-layered Damast provides the necessary flexibility, break resistance as well as the cultivated par excellence look. Thus, the knife glides almost effortlessly through ripe tomatoes and meat, with which even the demanding cutting of gossamer slices to large pieces inspires enthusiasm. Consistent, pithy and mountainous by nature: the dark handle made of smoked oak wood comes from the local forests of the Bergisches Land and makes the long Boker tradition tangible with every cut. Gently curved lines nestle seamlessly into the hand and convey a secure grip, balance and the typical Boker dynamism at all times. The high-quality appearance is rounded off by the noble metal knob at the end of the handle with embedded Boker logo – a discreet statement of understatement. The chef’s knives will be a faithful companion in the kitchen for many years. Reliable, timeless and carefree. To keep it that way, Boker gives a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. That means fewer worries and more freedom for culinary ideas. NO RISK, MORE FUN: Let us convince you of a masterful cutting experience and test the chef’s knives of the Meisterklinge Damast series extensively at home with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free return shipping! Boker Meisterklinge Damast – a commitment where pleasure becomes a passion.
The Boker Knife Block Style made of smoked oak is equipped with four knives of the series Boker Meisterklinge Damast: office knife, small chef’s knife, bread knife and chef’s knife and convinces with the high-quality material mix of natural solid wood and brushed stainless steel. The price advantage compared to a single order is 10%.
  • VG-10
  • Smoked oak
  • Solingen