Aquamira Frontier Replacement Bottle Filter GRN II
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Model: 67027

The Frontier Series II Replacement Filter is designed to fit easily into your Frontier Flow Filtered Water Bottle and provides a light-weight, ready replacement when needed. The GRN Line bacteria-grade filter offers light weight, high flow,and reduces Cysts and Bacteria, to US EPA standards.

General Maintenance
FILTER STORAGE - Filter may be stored wet for short periods of time. (<30 days) For long term storage (>30 days), Remove filter from bottle, remove excess water and allow to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. Store in a cool dry location. Do not store used filter in a sealed container. Do not freeze filter or expose filter to extreme temperatures. Replacement Parts 67027 Frontier Replacement

Product Data and Dimensions
DIMENSIONS 5.88 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches VOLUME 22 oz. (0.65 L) DRY WEIGHT 0.11 lbs (48 g) FLOW RATE .05 - .21 gpm (200 - 800ml/m) SERVICE LIFE (FILTER) 100 gal (378.54 L) OP. TEMPS 35 - 120°F (1.6 - 49°C) OP. PRESSURE (FILTER) 3psi (20.6844kPa) Recommended Use Conditions Use best water source available, quality of the source water may vary, use only Aquamira GRN Line Series II filters. Pre-treatment with Aquamira Water Treatment Drops (67202) is recommend if source water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality.  

Aquamira Frontier Replacement Bottle Filter GRN II

NZ $39.00

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