Ray Ennis made his first knives by cold forging and filing barn spikes into knives when he was a teen.  He made and sold his first custom knife in early 1973.  It was made from a car spring and was still curved, the selling price was $10.00.  This was when he was in the US Air Force making about $7000.00 a year (some things never change) so it was quite a bit of extra money.  He bought his first piece of O-1 tool steel from Young Manufacturing in Grand Forks, ND (they still do the laser blanking for us) shortly there after, learned to heat treat, grind and polish.  In 1977 & 1978 Ray attended the Colorado School of trades for gunsmithing where he learned better polishing techniques and machine skills which were incorporated into his knife making.  During the time since he sold his first knife he has continued to learn new skills which have helped improve his knife making.  Working as a gunsmith, machinist, tool and die maker, welder (heli-arc, mig and oxy-acetylene) tool designer, and CAD have all made him a better knife maker.  His devotion to the craft, loyalty to the people who use his knives, and a determination to give more than they expect define his trek.

At Entrek USA we combine the latest technologies such as laser blanking and some old but reliable methods like drill fixtures, add 36 years of experience (especially nice when grinding blades) to make the highest quality hand made production knives.  Every step is important and receives the time needed to do it right.  Every knife goes through many steps in the production process such as blanking, surface grinding to flat and parallel, marking the blade for grinding, freehand rough grind (40 grit), freehand finish grind (120 grit), drill handle for guards, handle screws, and thong hole, tapping the screw holes heat treat, assembly of handle components, hand shaping the handle, sand blast for a nonreflective finish, marking and sharpening.  We use the best materials available to us and we have a reason for using what we do.  For instance we use only black canvas micarta from one company, Accurate Plastics, in Yonkers, New York.  Why?  They have consistent quality and color we can even use pieces from different sheets for handles and can't tell the difference.  All work except blanking and heat treat are done in house.
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