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aquapacAquapac was founded back in 1983. Here in London where we still have our HQ. It started with three friends chatting in the pub and, so the story goes, one of them said Hey guys, wouldn't it be cool if you could listen to a SONY Walkman while windsurfing? Well they all agreed that it would, so the very next day they set about creating a waterproof housing that would make it possible.

Their first creation - the Aquaman - was not the most elegant-looking product! But it worked, and that's what mattered most. So then that led on to the AQ2, a case for handheld VHF radios as used by yachtsmen all over the world.

And then some bright spark invented the mobile phone. So Aquapac became the first company in the world to design and sell waterproof phone cases. For many years Nokia was the world's leading manufacturer of mobile phones, and for many years they were also our single largest customer, we made special cases for them.

We've sold over 5 million waterproof bags and cases since then. Our ever-growing range sells in more than 60 countries. And we've been honoured with three Queen’s Awards.



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